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Repair & Maintenance
New technologies apply electronic controls and computer systems throughout industry. This has resulted in a new approach to maintenance and repair operations, as well as the need for specialized facilities and equipment. Pinnacle designs repair facilities that increase service efficiency at reduced cost and provide an effective service approach to the new high-tech solutions in use today. Flexible design techniques are also applied to provide for changing business conditions, expansion, and new technology requirements in the future.

Pinnacle provides the following services for the Repair and Maintenance industry:
  • Repair Process Evaluation
  • Bay Spacing/Configurations
  • Operational Adjacencies Planning
  • Operations & Schedule Planning
  • Power & Utility Requirements Planning
  • Parts Storage Systems
  • Expandable Shop Systems
  • Shop Support Areas
  • Vehicle Maneuvering Requirements
  • Maintenance Schedules
  • Federal Regulations
  • Vehicle Classifications
  • Rough-Order-Of-Magnitude Cost Estimating
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