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The only Constant is Change... Today more than ever, manufacturing operations benefit from facilities that provide flexiblity and scalability. Pinnacle has developed flexible infrastructure solutions to support the Lean environment. Application of Lean and World Class Manufacturing principles include the relentless elimination of waste, Continuous Process Improvement programs, and value stream based solutions.

Pinnacle supports manufacturing facilities and process planning projects utilizing:
  • Toyota Production Model
  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Single-Part-Flow
  • Set-up Time Reduction
  • Flexible Work Cells
  • Kanban Systems
  • Visual Management Systems
  • "Glass Wall Management" Collaboration Areas
  • "5S" Programs
  • Cross Training Programs for Flexible Work Force
  • Manufacturing I.T. Systems Functionality
  • "Best Practices" Benchmarks
  • Manufacturing & Process Evaluation
  • Manufacturing & Systems Layout/Design
  • Process Standards Development
  • Time Studies and Capacity Analysis

Pinnacle utilizes a proven five-phase project approach that guides our clients through successful program development, alternative analysis, final design, implementation, and roll-out of a sustainable process improvement program. We work closely with operations to analyze performance metrics, identify alternatives for process improvement, andsupport deployment and evaluation of new methods.

Pinnacle's application of world class manufacturing principals, proven technologies, and current "best practices" from across different industries provides our clients with desired results. Pinnacle's Facility Planning Toolsenhance the design and implementation management process.
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