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Planning objectives focus on making your operation as efficient as possible at the lowest cost and with the least amount of disruption to service levels. This is accomplished by identifying specific needs with regard to capacity, material flow, receiving/shipping, packaging, and inventory control. We then analyze alternative solutions considering processes, materials storage and handling, equipment costs, labor costs, etc. to develop team based recommendations.

Highly efficient and accurate order fulfillment operations are essential in meeting customer expectations. This statement is critical to both the Business-to-Business & Business-to Consumer operation. Pinnacle has developed creative Supply Chain Solutions for the large wholesaler, the retailer, and the e-fulfillment operation. We can help your operations too!

Pinnacle applies a standard project approach using a variety of planning tools to optimize programming and layout development. For instance, our Delphi Analysis decision-making tool allows the design team to finalize equipment and design decisions easily and reach consensus quickly. Pinnacle utilizes effective full color graphics to communicate design options, analysis, and recommendations.

Pinnacle provides the following services for the Warehousing and Distribution industry:

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